Monday, August 27, 2012

My baby is ONE!

Well, technically I am two hours post birthday, but it's been a hectic day. I cannot even begin to believe that an entire year has passed by already. It is crazy to see how his physical features have changed and adapted so that he is the perfect mixture of Jason and I. He looks completely different now, compared to then. His personality is so energetic and happy already, and they say that his energy level will be through the roof after transplant, so say a prayer for us. I still remember that night like it just happened. I can tell you each and every detail like it was yesterday. Okay, so I can tell you most of them. Don't forget that I was drugged at one point. I remember beginning to panic, because I never heard him cry. My panic was a tad delayed, but at this point I was so out of it I could barely lift my head. My poor husband struggled to keep it together, but he did. He was so strong and supportive. He just looked at me and said "He will." Seconds later, Dr. Robichaux was screaming, "Did you hear that? It's him! He's breathing on his own!" Although I could barely hear Parker, those words were the next best thing. Jason went to see him and when he came back he was pale and withdrawn. All of the color was washed from his face and I didn't even worry. I thought that it was because they brought him on the "other side" of the curtain. He has been known to pass out at the thought of medical procedures, so I figured seeing it was too much for him. Little did I know, it was because Parker's chest was caving in with every breath. Jason didn't share this with me until later. He let me go to sleep believing that everything was going to be okay. I was mad about this at first, but I thank him for it now. I just hate that he had to worry alone.

Forty days later, we brought home our miracle. He has come leaps and bounds since that day. He is the best thing that has ever happened to us. I wouldn't change one decision we have made. I am so lucky to have found the resources and doctors that saved him on that day. And people say social media is useless! It helped to save my son! Thank you to Lindsey for your blog! Thank you to my fellow kidney momma's for pointing me in the right direction! Thank you to EVERYONE for the prayers! We are eternally grateful!

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