Parker's Benefit

Throughout the years, Jason and I have always felt so blessed. We have amazing friends and family who have always been there for us and vice-versa. When we found out about Parker's diagnosis we were flooded with phone calls, texts, and e-mails offering support and asking what they could do to help. Jason and I were adamant about making it on our own. If you know us, you understand. We've always done things on our own and didn't want that to change. Now that Parker is here, we have changed our outlook on things. He is our first priority. Our pride now gets put on the back burner.

Many people have asked us if we have opened an account in Parker's name. We were advised against opening an account at the local banks, but have set up a pay pal account due to the amount of people inquiring about this. You can find the account by clicking here:

Million Dollar Shot Tour is coming up on October 11, 2013 at TPC in New Orleans. For more information e-mail