Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just another day in the life...

So another eventful night at CHNOLA. Parker's one and only sippy cup that we have here busted around 10:00 last night. I went to Super Target to look for more, but they didn't have "HIS" cup. I bought three different types and none of them are working. We are lucky to have such great friends, though, because I called my fellow super mom, Erica,  at the butt crack of dawn this morning and she is almost here with three of his cups from home.

Around 2:00 Jason woke me up to say that Parker was really warm. I took his temp and of course it comes back as 101.8. The nurse comes in to double check it, gets the same reading, and then comes back with the Tylenol. After 30 seconds he puked it all back up. Now we have to change him, his bed, and his IV sock. He was not happy about any of it, and we needed to find out if he could get any more Tylenol. Luckily he was able to get a second dosage and the fever broke. 

Then his IV machine went off every 2 minutes ALL night long, but the IV was still flushing so we kept trying. Eventually I turned it off, and the nurses decided to have it replaced. We went down to anesthesia this morning to get a new IV and low and behold it was completely BLOWN. It was completely out and kinked sideways, so an entire night of fluid was wasted. And of course as soon as they took the gas mask off of him, he sat up and started heaving up bile. The anesthesiologist said he could have just been from stress or nerves, but we shall see. The plan is still the same, get him drinking and get him home!

If ANYONE deserves credit where credit is due during all of this, it is my husband. That man leaves here every morning before the sun comes up to go to work, and is back here every afternoon around 6:00-7:00 to spend the night with us. It's not easy, because we are only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night with everything going on, but he has yet to complain about it once. He has also managed to go home and disinfect the house, toys, and bedding. He is truly our superhero!

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