Monday, September 28, 2015

The viruses strike again..

I Yesterday morning Parker woke up pretty groggy. I should have known that something was up when he come marching into my room at 7:00 with his IPad in tow, wanting to "snuggle". Usually when he wakes up, his first words are "cereal" or "outside". All he wanted to do was lay around and watch cartoons. By early afternoon he was running a low grade fever, and we were seriously struggling to get him to drink. So when he woke up this morning with 101.8 fever and still wasn't drinking, we decided it was best to bring him in. We didn't want any back and forth between the pediatrician and our nephrologists, we wanted quick answers. When we got here I'm pretty sure almost every test or procedure possible was ordered. Every blood test or culture, viral panel, flu swab, strep test, stool culture, urine panel and culture, chest x-ray, kidney ultrasound, and more was done. His creatinine came back a good bit higher than we would like, which meant that we needed to make sure his kidney was safe. Luckily with IV fluid it came down significantly, and his kidney ultrasound looked perfect, so we have concluded that it was simply due to dehydration. He was given Tylenol in the ER around 4:00 for a fever of 100.7. The fever broke and and didn't return until the following evening. He woke up from his nap really groggy, and his cheeks were flush so I decided to check his temperature. He only felt slightly warm, but low and behold his temperature was 102.8. His viral panel came back positive for two viral respiratory infections: parainfluenza and adenovirus, so we started breathing treatments to break things up a bit. More blood cultures were ordered just as a precaution, and those results won't be back for a few days. As of now, the plan is to get the fevers under control, get the coughing under control, and get him back to drinking his fluid goals so we can go home!
As always thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes.

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