Monday, March 3, 2014

Typical two year old stuff...

Today was Parker's first procedure ever that was not kidney related. For once we had to address the "typical" two year old issues. For a long time, Parker has had a lot of fluid build up in his ears, so much so that he has failed portions of the hearing test because of it. Today his ENT placed tubes in his ears to help the fluid drain. This was by far the quickest, easiest procedure he has ever had done. They took him to the back without giving him anything, and he went with them like a big boy. I was proud and sad all in the same moment. We weren't in the waiting room but 20 minutes before the nurse was calling us that the procedure was done. We met with the doctor first who said it all went perfect. His left ear was completely blocked with fluid, but his right ear had actually cleared up some. Then we got to go and see Parker. When the door swung open, I immediately heard him screaming. Initially I thought it was because he woke up and we weren't there, but I was wrong. Even seeing us didn't help him calm down. The anesthesia has a side effect that causes some children to scream and fight until it wears off. Parker apparently fell into the category. Needless to say it was very long hour in recovery. Luckily they didn't use general anasthesia with an IV, instead they used the mask, which is less invasive and doesn't last as long. We are home now and he is back to himself already. 



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