Friday, November 1, 2013

Monumental moments..

Last night, which was Halloween, was a monumental moment in our house. For the first time ever, Parker got a real bath. I mean the type of bath where he was submerged in water, splashing, and playing with toys. He has never had this before. While he was on dialysis, he wasn't allowed to sit in water, because of the dialysis catheter. It was a source of infection, and we couldn't risk that. The doctors only allowed us to "sponge bathe" him. Basically, we layed him on a towel and washed him with a soapy towel and then used a clean wet towel to "rinse" him off. 

He was hesitant when we first put him in the water. Of course he was, he had never sat in water! He was clinging to me tight, but I held his hand, splashed the water myself, and gave him some toys. Instantly he was okay. He played in the water so long that we had to drain it and run more warm water. He loved it so much that he screamed when it was time to get out. 

This afternoon he was some kind of cranky. I was trying to finish up some work on the computer, and Jason was cooking. Finally, I set my computer aside and went to play with him. He got up off the floor, and started walking. The whole time he had his arm stretched out and he was making his "ehh" sound, which is what he does when he wants something. When he turned around, I told him I didn't know what he wanted. The only thing I could see in that direction was Jason's shoes, and I couldn't see where he wanted those. He grabbed my hand and we walked. He went straight to the bathroom door and started beating on it, saying "ehh". I opened the door for him, and asked what he wanted in there, all the while thinking he must of hid a toy in there and I closed the door on it. Nope, he walked right up to the bathtub, leaned over, and pretended to splash. He looked up at me laughing. He was absolutely, 100% trying to tell us he wanted a bath. So as we speak, he is splashing in the tub, and we have already changed the water once. I think he will be a water baby like mommy and daddy! 

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