Thursday, October 17, 2013

Too good to be true..

For the last few days, I have been cautiously optimistic. The saying "too good to be true" kept playing over and over in my head. I kept trying to push it back, but I knew that things were going so good, that the only thing it could possibly do was take a turn for the worse. Tonight we found out that Parker's diarrhea problems were not related to the anti-rejection medicine, Cellcelpt, like we originally thought. They took a stool sample, and he tested positive for C-Diff. This is a highly contagious bacteria that usually occurs when someone is on antibiotics. Parker will have to be on Bactrim for a year post surgery, and we are already fighting this. I am really nervous about this. His poor bottom is completely torn up already.

So the doctors have started him on a stronger antibiotic called Flagyl, and put him on isolation. I've been wiping down everything in the room with antibacterial wipes, and have changed all the bedding, and his clothes. We are consulting Infectious Disease tomorrow, and asking the doctors about using a probiotic to help reproduce good bacteria in his belly. I know that this can be extremely difficult to get rid of, so we are trying to be as proactive as can be.

We are both pretty deflated at the moment, so the mood in the room is kind of somber. We hate that he has to go through all of this. Everything was going so well until the evil c-diff arrived! :(

We did get a few smiles from him today even though he isn't feeling good.

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