Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ridiculous technicalities and a game of Tug o' War

So, do you remember in my last post when I talked about knocking on wood and jinxing ourselves? Yeah, I do. Unfortunately, my predictions were correct. Everything was going smoothly, his labs at 3:00 came back improved. The doctors were okay with us removing the central line and heading down to the 5th floor. They told us to start packing our bags while they got all of the paperwork together. The plan was to get all of the paperwork straightened out, downgrade his IV pole to just the ones being used, and then pull the central line out right before we left. As the nurses were rearranging IV pumps, we came across an issue. His pain medication could only be pushed through a specific type of pump on the floor. The problem with this pump is that it is not capable of pushing the pain medicine at such a small dose. I asked if we could just take one of the pumps from here with us, but the pumps from the ICU cannot be used on the floor for "safety issues".  So, long story short, we are not able to move down to the floor just yet due to the most ridiculous technicality I have ever heard of. He is not in enough pain. So, we are camping out in the ICU again for one more night. They have promised to have this straightened out by tomorrow. We are not completely distraught over this, because we like having the one-on-one nurse care, but we had our hopes up.

The good news is that Parker continues to do well. He is irritable right now, but it's normal 2 year old things. He is tired from lack of nap and he is now having trouble pooping.

He was worn out.

I think it's hysterical when he lays like this! 

We have downgraded quite a bit. 

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