Friday, October 18, 2013

Post transplant... By Patty Martin 10/18/13

Ok... So I know most of you have read the little updates.  But here's the doozy!   Post transplant.... I have been (still am) in a lot of pain since I woke up in recovery!  This has been by far one of the most painful surgeries of my life!  (second only to removing the tonsils after age 40). Some, I expected.. Some not so much.  The one thing they warned me about was the exhaustion.... And man they weren't kidding.  I have slept more in this past week than I thought possible.  Now... The big question.... Would I go through it again knowing what I know now?? Absolutely!!  Without a doubt, I would do it again tomorrow.  Especially after my long visit with the Porche's yesterday.  Parker is having his "little hiccups" as I call them.  But to see the color in his cheeks and see pictures like yesterday with the ear to ear smiles... It was alllll worth it!  Seeing his progress, just gives me all the more peace in my soul. I know I made the right decision in giving such a special gift!  I will bounce back from this... I have no doubt!  It's just been a little slower road to recovery than I'm used to.  I mean really... Anyone who knows me... Knows I don't like to sit still for long... I'm used to doing for myself by this time post surgery... Not this round. I am truly blessed to have Mom up here with me taking such great care of me.  But,  there's no place like home!  I go to the Dr. on Monday for my post op check up.  If all goes well,  we will be home by next Friday... Which is not soon enough in my book.  

I want to say "thank you" to each and every one of you for your prayers, love and support.  Without all of you... All of us here would have gone insane by now. I LOVE YOU ALL!  I have also been blessed with an amazing family and awesome friends!!  
These are my incisions.  Worth every ounce of pain. 

Especially for this:

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  1. I have been reading through this blog. I just found it. Parker has been our prayer line at church since before he was born. I am so happy to hear about how well he is doing. We get updates every now and then. I also have prayed for his kidney transplant and for the angel that gave him one. I am always amazed at the sacrifice that people make for others. I pray that you are doing well and feeling back to normal.
    hugs and prayers to you all