Monday, October 28, 2013

Our first appointment

Today we went in for an appointment and actually came home after. Everything looked great as far as labs. Parker's creatinine, which measures kidney function, is still 0.1, which is the best it can be. Super kidney is kicking butt and taking names! He's now only on 6 medicines, which is a lot less than before. He's still taking all of them by mouth, and he's even trying some new foods. He doesn't take any bites, but he walks around nibbling and slobbering on things. So far he really likes cookies and chips. Go figure, huh? 

He is such a huge ball of energy now. We have a hard time keeping him still for feeds and diaper changes. He is constantly running all over the place. 

As far as city life, it is pretty cold up here. We had to go shopping for some true winter clothes. It doesn't get cold like this back at home often so we didn't have much to bring with us, especially Parker. We get out for a little while every day for fresh air, but try not to keep Parker outside for long periods of time. 

Tomorrow we go to the hospital to see urology, and hopefully they can take this foley catheter out. It's a potential source of infection and a pain in the butt when changing his diaper. They are also going to schedule his stint removal. Right now he has a stint placed in his ureter to keep it from collapsing. Since his "plumbing" had never been used, it was a little shriveled. He should be able to have it out by six weeks post surgery.

Right now our last appointment here in Philadelphia is on November 21st. If all goes as planned, and we don't have any more hiccups- knock on wood- we could be home by December 1st!

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