Thursday, October 17, 2013

One week post transplant!

We are now officially one week post transplant. Although, there are times that it feels like time is barely moving, I feel like this week has flown by. No one could have ever made me believe then that he would be doing this good now. His Tylenol is no longer given round the clock. Now, it is being given PRN- or as needed. His urine output is much better today after the IV fluids, so we are sure that he was just dehydrated. The two doses of lasix may have been a bit too much.

Today's plan includes three major changes. First, we are going to start condensing his feeds into more of a home regimen. He will get continuous feeds overnight, and then three boluses during the day, which is doable for us. We are going to slowly start introducing this into his schedule, just to make sure he is tolerating it. Second, we are changing one of his anti-rejection medicines, because we are positive that it is causing excessive diarrhea. Yesterday, Parker had 12 diarrhea diapers in 24 hours, and his poor heinie started to break. The doctors think that by changing him from cellcept to imuran for a little while that this should clear up. Just to be sure, though, they are running stool cultures to rule out anything infectious or viral. Lastly, we are planning to remove the drain bag from his foley catheter. This has been a source of pain and annoyance for him for several days. We have all tried different ways to be able to secure his catheter so that it isn't tugging or pulling, causing pain or irritation. For two nights now, this has been an issue. He squirms too much for us to be able to control it. Eventually, he squirms to the point where the catheter is no longer secured on his leg, and is pulling very tight on his private areas. Everything that we have tried has failed. We have had some pretty sleepless nights because of it. Once we get rid of the drain tube and bag, he will be double diapered and that will allow him to move around a lot more.

Other than these three changes, the only thing that we are waiting on is to get his tac level back this afternoon to see how his prograf levels are doing. It won't be extremely accurate since they held his dose last night, but we are hoping that it can help us adjust his daily dose to where we need it.

This did not last long, but he is so darn cute! 

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