Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not so smooth sailing..

Last night was wonderful! It was our first night back at the apartment, and we all enjoyed it. Parker slept through the night with no fussing or interruptions. But, a little while after we woke up this morning, Parker felt really warm. Jason and I both probably took his temperature 20 times each, and it was coming in over 101 each time. Finally, we called the nephrology department and let them know what was going on. They wanted us to come in just to get a urine culture, so we did. Next thing you know we are going to the ER to be admitted, getting blood work, and starting IV antibiotics. So far everything looks fine. His urine WBC came back low, so they don't think it is a UTI. His labs look great, and his creatinine is still 0.1. We took a blood culture, which should be back in 24 hours. Just like anything else, though, Parker's fever broke on the way to the hospital, and has not spiked again since we've been here at 11:30 this morning. We are all hoping that this is nothing, but all agree that it's better safe than sorry. With him being less than two weeks post-transplant, his immune system is pretty suppressed, so we would rather rule everything out, and being treating with antibiotics just in case. So we are hanging out at the hospital again for the next couple days.

Apparently someone forgot to tell him that he is sick, though! 

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