Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No more double diapers!

So we met the best doctor in the world today. Honestly, if every doctor would take notes from him, the world would be a better place. When he walked in, he addressed Parker first. He made Parker feel comfortable with him before addressing us. That's really important to us! You're not here to see us, so you don't need to come in and go straight to firm handshakes and cold introductions. He took one look at Parker and said, "he looks good to me, so what are we doing in here?" We were in one of their urodynamic study rooms. So we explained that Parker was post transplant and that his bladder had never been used. His reaction to that was "oh, we don't need video studies! That's overkill. Take that catheter out and let that boy pee! He will do just fine on his own!"

 Can I get an Amen!? He will do ultra sounds and check ups regularly just to make sure that his bladder is stretching appropriately, and that urine isn't backing up into the kidney. But, the Foley catheter is officially out! He also went ahead and scheduled the stent removal. It's a minor, short outpatient surgery. He said it usually takes about 20 minutes, but Parker will be put under. He asked when Parker's last nephrology appointment was scheduled for, so I told him it was November 21st, and he immediately said "Oh well we have to get this stent out before that so we can get you guys home for Thanksgiving!". So stent removal is scheduled for November 18th. We do our first ultrasound Monday to check on his bladder, so say a few prayers! 

He's so big! 

He found the stickers! 

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