Sunday, October 20, 2013

Don't blink..

It is pure craziness how much can change in the course of two weeks. Okay, not even two weeks. 

Two weeks ago I was hooking my son up to a dialysis machine before bed. Tonight, I am changing pee pee diapers for the first time. He still has a catheter in place until at least Thursday, but we were able to lose all of the bulky tubes and drain bags that went along with it. Now his catheter drains into a diaper, that is inside of two other diapers, and a maxi pad. What can I say, I am OCD, and had to make sure the catheter stayed away from poop. I am pretty sure it is safe! A little bulky, but safe.

Two weeks ago, had you tried putting a syringe-no if you would have tried putting anything- near Parker's mouth, you would have been met with the godfather of all tantrums! You would have needed an army of people, or shackles and chains to hold him down. Today my son took medicine by mouth 11 times and did his mouth swabs four times. I never could have imagined him doing this! We use these swabs to coat his mouth with antibiotics to prevent thrush.

Two weeks ago my child had a weird anxiety about stuffed animals. I never knew exactly what happened. All of a sudden, one day he was petrified of them. I never questioned it, I just kept them away from him. Tonight, like the last few nights, he is snuggling with his teddy.

Last week, had a nurse come in trying to get vitals, all hell would have broke loose. It would have taken the nurse, Jason, and I, just to get the job done. Tonight, I proudly watched as my son never even blinked an eye. He wasn't even phased by the fact that she walked in, much less that she was touching him. 

 I feel like my "baby" is gone- physically and behaviorally. While I know he had to grow up, and it's in the best way possible, part of me is sad. I handed them my baby, and in return they gave me a healthy little man! How do you ever repay that? 

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  1. This was a beautiful post. So happy for you and I pray for you each night. I wish you a lifetime of happiness with your little boy. What a blessing.