Saturday, September 28, 2013

And we are off...

For once, the Porche family managed to wake up, pack up, and leave on time. We got up at 4:30! Those of you who know me, know that being awake at that time doesn't exist in my vocabulary, so you should all be proud. We did our everyday morning routine of disconnecting dialysis, blood pressures, weight, and morning medicine. But of course we had to fit our morning cartoons into the agenda for the big guy too.

Packing everything we needed and organizing it into the car seemed to be a brain exercise in itself. We have both determined that when Jason goes back to work we need to invest in a bigger vehicle. We will have to return to Philadelphia every three months, so it will be a necessity. We look like the Clampets going down the road! 

*Disclaimer: bags were still being added after this picture was taken. :(

We decided that it was best to bring Parker's wagon with us. Last time we were in the city, we would stop at a store for a few necessities and end up carrying multiple bags a few blocks back to the apartment. His wagon will help us on our shopping trips. Also, it is good for him to get up and move around in the hospital a few days after surgery, but my OCD/germophobia has a hard time accepting hospital used items; therefore, we will bring our own. 

I must give my child credit where credit is due. He is honestly one of the BEST travelers ever! (He gets that from his momma by the way.) He is as happy as can be in the back seat. He loves just to look out of the window and see what's passing by. I can't wait until we are able to travel more with him!

I'll update more when we get to our first location. Here is our point of view at the moment, though. 

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  1. Lots of prayers in the coming weeks! Parker has taken a spot in all of our hearts now and always! We will miss seeing you tonight! Safe travels!!