Saturday, August 10, 2013

A little cardio never hurt anybody..

Two nights ago we watched the weather here in Philly, and it was looking pretty grim for our last few days here. Doppler radar showed this massive "warm front" (that's weird to say) coming through. They were calling for flooding rains today, which is why we waited to book our flights until Saturday. We woke up this morning and it was beautiful, so we decided to take advantage of it. 

We started out looking for Dave and Busters. Jason's been talking about going to one for as long as I can remember. He has even been caught saying that if he won the lottery he would open his own franchise. Now, I've never been to this place, so I can't judge, but I'm thinking I have a big kid on my hands.  We walked in the general direction that we needed to go, and ended up at Penn's Landing.

These things are so cool! We saw them for the first time while we were walking to meet Lindsey and Stephen. It was on a trailer on the side the road picking up tourists. I didn't think it actually went in the water, though. Apparently so. 

This is the view of New Jersey, while standing in Pennsylvania. 

This is the Irish Memorial in Penn's Landing.

So back to Dave and Buster's. The problem with getting there was that there was a huge freeway in our way. No worries, now we know where we went wrong. We can get there next time. So we decided to start walking back towards the apartment to find something else to eat. 

Along the way, we happened to stumble upon my favorite part of the day. HISTORY! So, I am proud to say that I stood in the very spot that the First Continental Congress met. I know, I know, it's so exciting! 

Here is Carpenter's Hall, the building where they met.

Then we got to see the Second Bank of the United States. Look at how big it is! 

Next, we headed over to Washington Square to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Don't worry, my historical adventure in Philadelphia is not over. I still have plenty left to see! 

After all of this, my husband decides that we need to redeem ourselves in the cheesesteak world. By all means, he was not leaving Philadelphia thinking that the cheesesteak was terrible. So it was decided to head down to what I like to call "cheesesteak corner". The place where two of Philadelphia's biggest rivals sit on either corner of the street. Yes, we gave in to the "tourist trap", and headed to Pat's and Geno's. Jason decided that we were going to Pat's King of Steaks. In his words, "No wonder why my sandwich sucked. I got the prince and not the king". (Note: Remember that we are at Steve's Prince of Steaks yesterday) This all sounded like a good idea in theory, but we never realized how far they actually were. We had to go through Little Italy and Little Mexico just to get there. I really liked Little Italy, though. I plan to return for some authentic Italian cuisine and some gelato, too.  By the time we got to "cheesesteak corner", I realized that we had left cushy central city and ended up in South Philly, or in Jason's words, the "hood". No, seriously, it wasn't that bad. 

This was my view while eating at Pat's. They are seriously that close. 

Sorry, I don't have a picture of the sandwich. As you can see from the picture above, I was forced to eat one handed today. The good news is that we were successful in our redemption. We have found the secret to all cheesesteaks, and it is something I never thought I would say. Cheez whiz! Yep, you read that right. Cheez whiz! Today's sandwich was pretty darn good. Jason is already planning to recreate it at home. 

In total we walked 5 and a half miles today. I honestly didn't even know that I was capable of that. If it wouldn't be for the 2,000+ calories a day that I have been eating, I would have lost at least ten pounds this week. The food was well worth it, though. 

So, when we got home it was nap time for all. Well shower time and then nap time. We were all a little funky after our excursion. Parker usually sleeps for about three hours, so by the time I actually got to lay down I thought for sure I would get a good rest. Nope. I woke up not long after to the sound of "MAAAA!" This is what I saw when I rolled over. 

I can't blame him. He got to ride in the stroller all day. Of course he isn't pooped. 

Note to self, get myself a stroller. 

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