Thursday, August 8, 2013

A little bit of Philly..

Today was our first "down day" in the city. I was super excited to get out and explore some more. I didn't quite get to see everything I wanted, but hopefully we will have more time for that. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be nasty, but I'm hoping it passes around us. Wishful thinking, right?

So we started out the day with Jason's must-do list. A Philly cheesesteak. I mean, it's a classic staple. Who comes to Philly and doesn't get a cheesesteak? I spent most of last night researching where to go. He's been talking about this since before we left, so I wanted it to be a great experience for him. All of the blogs and websites said that Pat's and Geno's, the two classics, were tourist traps. Well, who wants that? No, we want what the locals eat. So after much research, we decided on Steve's Prince of Steaks.

It came highly recommended, and talked about the quality ribeye used to make the sandwich. It had to be good, right? WRONG! Of course we are from South Louisiana, so we are used to things with immense flavor. This was the blandest sandwich, ever. My husband may very well be scarred by this sandwich. In his words, "subway can do better". 

After lunch, we walked around to see this sights. Every day on the way to the hospital I see this building, and every day it leaves me in awe. I have been trying to find out what this building was for. It's obviously pretty old and the architecture was meant to catch your eye. Finally, we got to see it up close and personal today. It is actually City Hall. I don't think that the pictures I have will do it justice, but its truly remarkable. It's my favorite place in Philly so far. The only thing I cannot figure out is why they have so many ugly window units hanging out of it! I'm sure it pre-dates central air conditioning, but there are other options! 

After City Hall we headed to Reading Terminal Market. The largest farmer's market around. There are over 80 vendors located inside.

These shrimp were the biggest things I've seen, and my family does that for a living. I don't think the picture shows the size accurately, but we were both pretty amazed. 

Next on the agenda was China Town! 

This was absolutely the dirtiest part of town we have seen. We discussed going to dinner there tonight, but after what we saw and smelled there today, we changed our minds. 

We decided to get out of there as quick as possible and get some A/C for a while. There is a shopping mall a block of so away, so we headed there. Parker's socks and shoes were pretty tight this morning, so we hoped to find some new ones. We were in luck. Kids Foot Locker had just what we needed! 

All of this walking had both my guys pretty tired, so around 2:00 we headed back to the apartment. It seems that they both needed a nap.

Once everyone woke up, we headed to dinner. On the menu tonight was Hard Rock Cafe.

We got back from dinner pretty early, so I thought that I could enjoy a hot bath. Nope! Parker had other plans. 

Of course we saw some pretty cool things along our way today. So here is just a few of them. 

Fancy McDonald's 

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