Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just another day in dialysis clinic...

For once we had a "normal" day in clinic. It was refreshing not to have him sedated, kicking, or screaming. Our dialysis team is pretty awesome with the way they care for Parker. They let him scoot around their unit on his scooter like he owns the place. They blow bubbles for him as soon as he asks for it. They are pretty great. There isn't much new to report. We did an ultrasound of his liver today so that we could send an updated one to CHOP. Now we just wait for the call from them. Those of you who know me know that the waiting ,and "I don't know", responses aren't going over very well. I'm not a very patient person.

I am very proud of my big guy, though. He is always so brave when we have tests to do. 

 I think he may be a radiologist when he grows up. He's all about pushing buttons. He even tried doing his own ultrasounds. The lady thought he was hysterical. Of course he charms all of the ladies, though. 

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