Monday, June 17, 2013

Lessons learned today...

1. It NEVER gets easier to leave my baby in sedation. No matter how big or small the procedure, I will cry.
2. Minutes feel like hours in that waiting room and my heart drops every time the door opens.
3. If I had trouble waiting one hour today, I will drive myself and everyone else crazy on day of transplant while waiting at least 7!
4. Nothing distracts you while in waiting. No social media, game, or book will help. You will read the same line 100 times.
5. If you have 100% battery life at 7 a.m., your phone will be dead by 3 p.m. I currently have 10% and its 2:20.
6. My husband is the best daddy, ever! Okay, I already knew this, but he reminded once more today. He bought Parker bubbles in the gift shop for when he woke up. Bubbles are Parker's favorite right now!
7. My child is absolutely hysterical when he is doped up! Of course I am biased, though.
8. Every doctors office and hospital is the slowest place on Earth. For a procedure that was supposed to happen at 10 a.m and only take an hour, we are just leaving. Once again, it's 2:30.



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