Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our first big appointment

We are on our way to meet with the transplant team for the first time. Eek! So exciting and yet nerve racking at the same time. In true Porche fashion we are late, so at this point we are hoping they will even see us. Parker had to be hooked up to his machine much earlier than usual in order for us to leave in time. He usually fights his sleep until 11 o'clock every night. Last night, miraculously, he went to sleep at 9:30. A few alarms during the night extended his treatment and caused us to run a little late this morning. We are all dressed up and ready. This morning Parker was 10.45 kg, which is over the required weight for surgery. We are hoping we can get this process started and begin testing donors as soon as possible. I will post again after we leave. So keep us in your prayers that they agree to see us, even though we are late, and that we get good news!

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