Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good days..

One of the last blogs that I wrote mentioned that Parker was getting an NG feeding tube. He did. It was a long, thin tube going through his nose and into his stomach. He ate by mouth during the day and was connected to a machine, that gave him continuous feeds, at night. This didn't last long. As always, Parker had another plan. He pulled it out twice in the middle of the night. The continuous feeds were too much for him to handle.

Right after he pulled it out the last time, Hurricane Isaac hit. There was so much going on that the tube was the least of my worries. We never put it back in and he is eating just fine.

We went to clinic on September 11th and his team was ecstatic with his growth. He's pretty much back on the chart for length (68cm) and weight (8.07 kg which is roughly 18 lbs) we are going to start growth hormone shots to give him that extra boost, but they are no longer pushing a feeding tube. They have seen that he can eat on his own.

The best part of all is that they said we can start talking to the transplant team! They didn't give us any precise details of when or who, but we are hoping that we will get more info at our next clinic, which is in October.

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