Friday, June 8, 2012

Never goes as expected

Well today was supposed to be Parker's G-tube placement, but as usual nothing goes as expected.

First off, let me say that dropping your child off into a scary operating room with complete strangers, who you are supposed to automatically "trust" with your entire world, is the worst feeling ever. I can't even imagine what I will be like for transplant.

After we left Parker, we went to the waiting room and sat there- not so patiently. Within 20 minutes the surgeon was out and looking for us. I knew something wasn't right. He explained to us that they weren't able to place the peg tube. Apparently, Parker has scar tissue or "something" that is obstructing the area where they need to go through the stomach.

My first thought was, "something"? Apparently, when Parker had his kidneys removed it left a large open area for his organs to shift around, and it could very well be his intestines or another organ.

Second question, "What are the options?".

This feeding tube isn't immediately necessary. It's supplemental, because he needs more calories, so the least invasive the better. That choice would be an NG tube through his nose. As much as I do not like the thought of Parker having a tube sticking out of his nose at all times, this is the easiest for him. The problem with this is that he will pull it out!

Option two is a major surgery. They would have to cut a large hole in his stomach and he would have to be on hemodialysis for 6-8 weeks. All of his doctors- as well as Jason and I- are against this. They are looking for other options as we speak.

So the outcome is that in 2 weeks we will have to choose the NG tube. or whatever else they come up with in the mean time. For now, though, we are heading home!

As always, thank you all for the prayers. Hopefully, this is a sign and Parker will start chugging milk and not need one at all. Well, there is always hopeful thinking, right?

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