Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend in the hospital...

Who doesn't love spending the weekend in the hospital? Well, February 10th and 11th we did just that! Parker has been overly irritable lately. Every night last week he was up all night screaming. It seemed like he was inconsolable. For any other child, this would be written off as colic or teething, but for us it means a weekend in the hospital. His team had us bring him in and they did a few tests. He tested negative for RSV and the flu, thank god! He's had this damn upper respiratory problem for what seems like weeks now. They did blood work and took a specimen from his dialysis catheter. We stayed all weekend because they were under the impression he may be growing peritonitis. I knew better, though. His drain fluid was clear, he wasn't running a fever, or vomiting. I can tell them that I'm 99% sure it isn't peritonitis, but after the last spell of it, I'll never say 100%. So, we stayed. And I was right. It was not peritonitis! Better safe then sorry, though. They did come to the conclusion that he has a calcium blockage, though, which is like a massive constipation, and he has to pass that on his own. Guess we're in for a long ride.

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