Saturday, January 14, 2012

A rough few days..

So, as usual, as soon as my husband goes to work all hell breaks loose. We have been back and forth to the pediatrician for a few weeks now with what we thought was a sinus drip. Well Thursday, it evolved into misery. Parker began throwing up everything. He would cough, gag, then vomit all day long. And I do not mean your average "spit up". I mean heaving from the stomach, everything he just ate, throw up. Then that night he was up every 30 minutes screaming. It was horrible. Thursday night I called the pediatrician and got a "call at 9 in the morning if nothing's changed". Well I call at 9 and the woman tells me they are all booked for the day. Seriously? I felt like I had to argue, beg, and plead to get seen. And I did. So at 11 we go to the doctor and of course he doesn't really do much, and then says "I'll call you in some Zantac". Really? You made me come in again for a THIRD time for that? My 20$ co-pay is adding up at this place. Now of course this medicine takes 4-5 days to fully kick in, so just in time for daddy to come home. Please say prayers for me! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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  1. Prayers sent!! Hope he gets well quick and that it's nothing too big. :)- Jennifer Dupont