Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First blog of the year

So this year is off to a good start. Parker and I stayed home and relaxed with Aunt Sandy for New Years Eve. We took the lazy approach, instead of being party animals. Then, we had our monthly appointment with our team at Children's on the 9th. That was a long, exhausting day. We got to the city around 8:45. Our first stop was ultrasound. At our appointment in December, the GI doctor ordered an ultrasound of Parker's liver. If you remember from my earlier posts, Parker's liver is automatically affected by this disease. So the GI doctor ordered the ultrasound so that we could get a "first look" at the liver and have something to refer back to. According to the ultrasound tech, everything looked perfect. The liver was normal sized, no cysts, no blockages, and all of the valves and arteries were working fine. Good news, if I do say so myself! Then we had to do labs. This really pissed Parker off! At the beginning of every year they do a full panel of blood work. This means 8 viles of blood. Added to this was a lab tech who missed on the first try. These two combined equals one mad baby! After labs we went up to the dialysis unit, which felt like it took forever! We didn't leave the hospital until 3 pm! We were starving! Altogether, Parker is doing great! He is growing, even if it is slow. His dialysis is going great. He didn't have any growths in his specimens and cultures, thank god! We are extremely happy with everything! Hopefully we do not have any other complications until transplant! A girl can dream, right?

Also, my sick leave ends this week. If any of your friends and family works for Terrebonne Parish School Board, please spread the word that I am accepting donation days. It's still unknown when I will be able to return to work. Any little bit can help! Thanks in advance!

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