Thursday, December 29, 2011

A growing boy...

Things have been busy, yet uneventful. This week has been one of milestones, though. Monday we lowered his dextrose prescription down to 1.5%, because his blood pressure was too low. Go figure, a child who was once on two separate medicines to control high blood pressure, now has pressure readings that are too low. It's amazing, isn't it? Tuesday we lowered his dialysis therapy time down to 9 hours and 40 minutes instead of 12 hours! It is great that he gets to spend less time locked to that machine and his crib. It allows us all to lead a little bit of a more normal life. Finally, Thursday morning, Parker weighed in at 5.01 kg. Remember, he has to be 10 kg for transplant. Therefore, we are officially half way there! I never in a million years expected us to get here so quickly. It hasn't been easy by any means, either. There have been plenty of days that we've fought for him to eat. Today has to be one of the worst of those. He is officially teething! Yes, you heard that right. My little baby is becoming a big boy and getting his first tooth. He is more interested in chewing his bottle tip than actually eating from it. It is only one more challenge to add to the long list we already have, but we will get through it. Here are a few pictures to catch everyone up.

Yes, those are Christmas presents giving him a boost!

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  1. I was just asking Anita today about him because I hadn't seen an update of sorts lately!

    Glad to hear he is doing so well. GOD IS GOOD!!