Monday, November 14, 2011

Surgery day

Well, needless to say last night was a sleepless night. At least for Parker and I it was. He wasn't allowed anything to eat after 12. Now, this is a baby who has to be woken up every three hours like clockwork to eat, and all of a sudden you're telling him he can't have any. You can imagine how this ended. The only way that he would stop crying was if he was laying on my chest. Therefore, that is how we stayed most of the night.

They came in around 7:00 to start getting him ready and get consents signed. By 7:30 I was carrying him down to surgery. He even got his own hospital gown this time.

By 10:30, Dr. Roth came into the waiting room to meet us. The surgery went as expected. They were able to take the vent out immediately, like we hoped. He is back in his room now and is definitely in alot of pain. Go figure they only gave him Tylenol in recovery! We should be home by tomorrow if everything goes as planned. We have been taking turns consoling him. Laying like this is the only way he stays calm.

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