Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surgery #3- Hydrocele

We are officially admitted into the hospital again, and Parker is having surgery tomorrow to fix a hydrocele. A hydrocele is a fluid-filled sac that surrounds his testicle, causing swelling. It's actually very common in baby boys. From what they tell us, the odds are 1/10. The catch is that most times the problem will correct itself. In Parker, however, we are continuously pumping fluid into him-his dialysis-so the area cannot heal on its own. We have left it alone for so long, because it wasn't causing any issues, but lately it's been causing problems with his stomach. We can't have that happening, because we need him to get chunky as quickly as possible for transplant. The procedure is a minor one and typically takes 1-2 hours, but please keep us in your prayers tonight!

Parker has definitely not forgotten this place. He has been mad at every nurse, or doctor, who has walked in the door and he lets them have it! Getting an IV has proved to be a huge challenge, but thanks to one of our favorite NICU nurses- who came up to our floor just to give him his IV- we finally got it done.

Here is a picture of how peaceful he was BEFORE the madness. He had no clue what was about to happen. Sad thing is, we're not done making him mad for the night. It breaks my heart!


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