Monday, October 3, 2011

Crazy busy..

Have you ever come across that random person who is going in a million different directions at once? You all know who I'm talking about- and at some point we have all been that person. Well I am here to apologize for neglecting the blog. Things have been so crazy busy that I have completely lost sight of keeping track of it. I am actually pretty upset about this, too. Not only because you all have followed our story so intently and deserve better, but also because I wanted it to serve as a way for parker to go back one day and read all the details of his journey.

Since my last post, we have had a few bumps in the road, as well as a few successes.

Now remember that September 29 was our due date. So, technically Parker is just supposed to be getting here, but he was already 1 month and 3 days old on that day.

Let me first say that the team we have is amazing! Each of his dialysis nurses are wrapped around Parkers finger. Sorry guys but it's true! They are pretty much like family. When they come in the room, there is no formal way of speaking. We talk to each other like we have known each other for years! Now, although they are like family, they still have a job to do. Sometimes this job can be dirty. Last week we had to find out what Parkers "dry weight" was. This is his weight with no fluid at all. This information is essential in his treatment so that they can accurately dialysize him, but I can honestly say it hurt their feelings to see the side effects. Think about it like this, what happens to me or you if we have no fluid? We get dehydrated, right? Well along with dehydration comes vomiting. Right after we started bottle feeding Parker is when they dried him out. The vomiting got pretty bad for a few days. It was miserable to watch.

Well, because he was sick and vomiting, he wouldn't eat all of his food. The doctors started talking about a g-tube, but I wasn't hearing anything about it. I knew good and well he could eat without it. I had seen him do it right before they dried him out. I was not giving in to this without a fight. Well, Parker must have heard them, and he didn't like the idea any more than I did. The next day-Friday September 30th- he began eating all of his food and quit vomiting. I was a very proud momma on this day. Since then I am happy to report that he takes the whole bottle in 10 minutes and is still looking for more!

After 2 days of proving his eating capabilities, we were able to take out his feeding tube! On this day he became completely tube free!

Today we were supposed to leave the nicu and be moved to the floor, but we weren't. I have been saying for a week now that he needed his "little boy surgery". You know the one I'm talking about. Well they always told me that they would do it right before we left. Today they called for the surgeon to come do it and he couldn't. So tomorrow morning he will be there and then we can go to the floor. This is a huge step for us. The floor is for children who aren't so sick. Plus our hospital will not discharge our situation from an intensive care unit. We have to be on the floor for a little while doing what is called "home trial". Basically we will not have monitors, machines, and the one on one care we have in the Nicu. Jason and I will be doing it all on our own. We will give all of the medicines, connect and disconnect from the dialysis machine, and take all of his vitals. Basically we get to play house, but at the hospital. I'm not sure how long we will do this for. The only answer we keep getting is "it all depends". I will keep you all updated.

On another note, yesterday was my baby shower. Thank you to everyone who came and for the amazing gifts. We were up pretty late last night washing, organizing, and assembling. We had a blast and it will definitely all get used!

We hope to see everyone at the bowling alley Saturday for the no tap tournament. It should be a fun-filled day!

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