Friday, October 21, 2011

8 weeks old...

Today, Parker is eight weeks old. It feels weird, though. Although it feels like I just had him yesterday, I also cannot believe it's only been eight weeks. This has been the LONGEST eight weeks of my life.

Parker is doing well and has adjusted to home life. He wakes us up every three hours like clockwork to eat and is now eating 75 cc's every three hours. The dialysis is a breeze. Honestly it's probably the easiest part of our routine. He doesn't mind it one bit, but then again he doesn't know any different. He has been on dialysis since the beginning of his life. He does have a handful of medicines that we have to give. His sodium is low, so we give him 16 cc's of sodium through his diasylate solution. His potassium is high, so we give him Kayexalate. His iron and magnesium are low; therefore, we give him supplements. Then he gets a multivitamin and his epogen shot. He only gets the shot on Monday and Friday, and we are lucky enough that Aunt Crystal has volunteered to be the bad guy who sticks him. This is not a lot of medicine at all given his condition. Many kids with his disease are on 10 or more a day. We are lucky.

There are several things in life that piss him off royally. He hates taking a bath and having his blood pressure taken. He despises the magnesium supplement that he gets twice a day, but if you smelled it, then you'd understand why. He lets you know when it's time to eat and when he's pooped himself just like any other baby. He has a major problem keeping his nuk in his mouth, but is getting better at it. Jason and I have declared that we will become millionaires and develop a mechanism that will keep his nuk in his mouth for him. I will let you know how this goes!

There are several things that I have decided we cannot live without anymore. The fisher price aquarium that entertains him in his crib is a MUST have. I have stated this to several people, but if necessary I would rob someone for another one of these. Yes, you heard me right. That's how good this thing is! Also, we were never people who used a whole lot of batteries. Actually, before Parker, I cannot remember the last time I purchased batteries. Now, we cannot live without them. Especially, "C" batteries. Anything that moves, vibrates, or sings, is AMAZING. He lets you know that it has stopped moving, vibrating, or singing too. He is spoiled to this. Lastly, the new Samsung video monitor is AMAZING. We are still trying to figure out a good setting for the alarms, but I love it. Parker has to stay in his crib, in his room way across the house. So, this monitor has brought peace and comfort to Jason and I while he is sleeping. Did I mention that I LOVE IT?

Our dogs, Phoebe and Bear, are still adjusting to having a baby in the house. Bear is a little more used to this than Phoebe is. He's very calm and isn't phased by the crying. He tends to be more protective when other people are here, but other than that there are no major changes in his behavior. Phoebe, however, seems very confused by Parker. She is no longer the "baby". She isn't the one that is being held all the time. And to top it off, the crying comes from this small human. She tries to get to him no matter where he is. Either it's her trying to comfort him, or her trying to say "Hey you! Shush!", I haven't figured out what she's thinking yet.

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