Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lots of firsts..

This week has been filled with many more "firsts" for us.
  1. Tuesday- Sept 20- was our first day of dialysis training. The dialysis team has quickly become part of our family. After all they will be taking care of our son for the next few years, we have to keep them happy! They didn't ease us into the situation at all. There was no feeling out the waters or watching. We were thrown in full throttle. Well, at least I was. Jason got to watch. It's okay, though, because when he gets back from work in a few days, it's his turn. I have been training every day since Tuesday, though, and am happy to report that I've been getting A's everyday! Well, we don't technically get grades, but they've all said it.
  2. Wednesday-Sept 21- was Parker's first bottle ever! Yes, he has graduated from the NG tube to the bottle. He did great for his first time, too! He's still a tad bit confused on how it works, though. He does a lot of "rooting", which just means he shakes his head around looking for the nipple of the bottle and can't figure out how to latch onto it. He eventually figures it out, though. The downfall is that he wears himself out when he starts rooting and gets lazy 3/4 of the way through his bottle. He doesn't always finish, but we are working on this. 
  3. Thursday-Sept 22- I was allowed to start holding him. Daddy is jealous he wasn't here for this, but he will get plenty of time next week. So I have spent tons of time with him this week spoiling him rotten.
  4. Friday-Sept 23- Parker was taken off of the canula for good. He is now breathing all on his own and his SATS have stayed above 95. 
Parker is doing amazing now that he is able to be dialysized properly. His blood pressure is under control without medication. He is no longer "fluid overloaded". He is taking 55 cc's of milk every three hours, which is what the average baby his size would take. The nephrologists are working on getting the number of PD cycles down so that we can get to an overnight schedule instead of the 24 hours a day we are doing now. All of our medical supplies have been ordered and should be here this week. Everything is coming together and preparing for us to come home. We cannot wait!

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    1. This is an incredible update! As someone whose favorite thing to do is hold tiny babies, I am so so so happy that you get to hold him now!! That's my favorite part of this update; although the whole thing rocks my socks off!!