Friday, September 2, 2011

In true "Kristen" fashion..

So, in true "Kristen fashion", there is a storm in the gulf for labor day. You didn't think mother nature was going to let me get off easy this year, did you? Of course not. There are very few birthday's that she has let me enjoy without the threat of one, so by now I am used to it. At least this year it is a minor storm, but could it be going any slower? I mean 10-20 inches of rain is a tad bit ridiculous. I know that quite a few of you talked about coming visit us this weekend, but we ask that you please stay put and stay safe. We will see y'all again soon, don't worry. No need to put yourself in harms way.

I know that I didn't update yesterday about Parker, but if you notice I did change the blog a little. I was starting to feel like it was a little drab, so I did some updating.

Parker is doing great! Today is his one week birthday! His kidney labs are still coming back low. His BUN came down from 24 to 21. His creatinine went up from 1.2 to 1.3. His sodium is staying up and his potassium is staying low, which is important. His platelets are finally holding steady (they have been dropping a little each day). They had discussed another platelet transfusion for tomorrow, but the doctor said he is happy that they have been holding in the same range for a few days so he will hold off. He is tolerating dialysis well. They are doing 40 cc's and letting it dwell in his belly for 30 minutes. They are upping his diasylate from 2.5% to 4.25% in an attempt to drain more fluid from around his lungs. His ventilator settings are lower than they were pre-surgery and doctor Vic plans to ween them down at 12 again. He is now on continuous feeds of 5 cc's of milk every hour, which is more than the 3 cc's they began yesterday.  Dr. Vic is in the process of weening him off of the fluids that he was getting and using strictly milk. Like the doctor said, there is more substance and vitamins in the milk than there are in the fluid. So far they have removed well over 300 cc's of extra fluid from him and his dialysis port is holding up well. No leakage and no complications. His first surgery was a success! Parker's pediatric nephrologist should be back from vacation any day now, so we are anxiously awaiting our meeting with him. We believe that we will get much more info once he is here. Parker seems so much more comfortable overall. He is awake and looking around much more now. He has the funniest facial expressions and is even trying to smile every now and then. The vent makes it a little difficult, though. He already hates the camera. Every time you take one out he closes his eyes and the smiles come to a stop. Wonder who he takes after? lol

Oh and we had more pee pee today! The doc always tells the nurse to save it and show us. He laughs because I always say if I could frame it that I would. (I truly mean that, too) My poor son would have a room full of framed diapers if it were up to me. Yes, I know that sounds a little creepy, but I get quite excited about this subject.


  1. I remember feeling exactly the same when Charlie pee'd. It was overwhelming the first time, because we knew it was key to him getting well enough to get him home. Parker's Abdomen is so much like Charlie's was, but you'll be pleased to know he grew into his kidneys. He was only just 5lb when born, and to be honest, I thought it was a good healthy weight given that he was premature. Now to look at him, you'd question whether he was actually ill with this condition. There are a few tell tale signs that I know obviously, but to the outside world, they are unaware.

    I wish you all well. Keep safe from the storm.

    Claire (Clairebear on Fb.)

  2. I can only imagine how exciting those pee diapers are! I'm going to post a link in my blog about your story to encourage my friends to repost about you. Is that OK?

  3. Yes that is absolutely ok! Thanks for following our story.

  4. He's precious! Glad his labs look good and are holding steady and the dialysis is drawing off so much fluid. What are his vent settings now? I think often about you all. Those little ole NICU babies have been my life's work for 26 years...would like to have him where I could care for him!

  5. Happy birthday Kristin!!!!!!
    Our hearts and prayers are with y'all daily. Parker is a blessing and has touched so many people's lives. God bless you all and know we think of y'all constantly!!! Have a beautiful birthday with Jason and your precious baby boy!