Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unexpected day..

We started off our day at Dr. Sanders' (OBGYN) office at 9:30 this morning. The NST test was up first, but after about 30-45 minutes Parker still wasn't as reactive as we would have liked. I think he was taking a nap! It was then explained to us what was needed for Parker to pass his biophysical. During a biophysical there is a total of 10 points you can get; therefore a 10/10 is the best. There are two points given for adequate amniotic fluid, which are points Parker will never get, because he has no fluid. There are two points for the NST, two points for practice breathing, and four points for movement (there are 2 types of movement). Parker hadn't exactly failed his NST, but it wasn't the best, so he didn't get those points either. Now we are down four points, which is where doctors start to get concerned. Now, he has to prove he is moving and breathing. We did an ultrasound and immediately saw his little chest moving and practicing his breathing skills. Yay! Two points for Parker! He did need some coercing to move around, and the ultrasound tech did not have a problem with pissing him off. Eventually he began moving around and got his four points. So here we are hanging on to our 6/10. Dr. Sanders decided we needed more monitoring. He was sure that if we stayed on the monitor for 2-3 hours we would see the results we wanted. Like he said, better safe than sorry. So Jason and I were sent next door to TGMC to "relax" and sit on the NST monitor. Of course, as soon as we got there he became reactive. I wasn't even on the monitor 5 minutes and he was giving us good results. Like I said, he was either napping or he's stubborn like his parents! We stayed there for 2-3 hours hooked up to the NST machine to see if he would become more reactive. The doctor came in and let us go around 2:30 saying that everything looked great. The NST did show that I was having a few contractions. Nothing major, of course, but they were showing up on the scan. The doc decided to check me and, whew!, I'm not dilated. I am 30% effaced, but was told it wasn't anything to worry about. So once again our quick trip to the doctor, for a routine appointment, turned out to be an all day event including a trip to labor and delivery. I'm starting to think this will be normal for us.

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