Friday, August 26, 2011

Parker is here!

Well, Parker decided that he was ready to meet everyone and was tired of waiting. Either that or he was not happy that daddy left him to go to work. When I woke up yesterday, the contractions were definitely stronger. By last night I was timing them every 20 minutes apart. A few hours later they were coming every 10 minutes. So my awesome friends Naomi and Rusty packed me up and brought me to Ochsner. They gave me fluids and continued monitoring me. I called Jason about 230 am and told him he needed to get in from work as soon as possible (per the on-call doctor) This is about a 3 hour trip for him. Around 5:30 Dr. Robichaux came in for his rounds and said that since the contractions were getting stronger and longer that we were going back to the O.R. at 6am. Oh and did I mention that Jason got here two minutes after Dr. Robichaux came in? Talk about cutting it close! I was pretty nervous.

At 6:28 am Parker made his entrance into the world, weighing 6 pounds 13.7 ounces and 18 inches long. The c-section went well. I literally felt nothing. Dr. Robichaux told me Parker was out and in the next room with the nicu team and I still had no clue that he had even cut me. At this point I was in and out of consciousness, but I heard someone say "Did you hear that? That was him!", and my eyes shot open.

They were able to keep him on a CPAP machine for the first hour, but poor thing was struggling too hard. The doctors have since intubated him and he is holding is own and fighting. The last few blood gases that they have drawn have been REALLY good, but the vent is pumping 40 breaths per minute to him. The problem with hid lungs is that his kidneys are so big that his lungs have been too cramped and are too small. As far as maturity and development they are normal (not thin or transparent), just too small. So for now the plan is to stabilize his lungs a little better and consult with a nephrologist. Of course my luck was that the pediatric nephrologist here at Oschner is on vacation when I deliver. So they are calling Dr. Aviles at Children's (who we have already met with and who already knows our story. This is the doctor I wanted to kiss for his positivity!). If his lungs can be stabilized enough they are looking into surgery to remove one or both of his kidneys to make room for his lungs.

So far things are looking okay. Not good or great, but definitely not bad either. I will keep y'all posted as much as possible, buy for now my eyes are getting really heavy.

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