Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crossed another hurdle..

Well this morning started off with wonderful news! The nurse from Children's Hospital of New Orleans- Pediatric Nephrology Department called me back, finally. My mother always told me that when the lord called for those who wanted patience, I did not run to the front of that line. (She's right by the way) So you can imagine what the last week has been like waiting. It did take some self-control not to call and nag them, though. Oh back to the story! The doctor has agreed to take our case and will see me next Friday at 10:45! You can only imagine that this news made me ecstatic. The nurse even did my pre-registration information over the phone so I will have less to do when I get there. She also gave me a huge relief by saying that my insurance will not have any problems, because low and behold Children's carries the same insurance company so we should be well covered!

After receiving all of this wonderful news, I went to get my second steroid shot with Dr. Sanders (OBGYN). I do have to say that the second one burns a lot less than the first. I told the nurse about everything that happened this morning and she took their contact information. She said that she would go straight to sending them ALL of my records so that the doctor's at Children's could have the week to look over them if necessary. This helps me out tremendously. The staff at Dr. Sanders' office has been extremely accommodating and helpful.

My busy day of errands, that seem to never end, was then followed by a trip to the School Board. Here, I filled out all of my extended sick leave paperwork and spoke to someone who was extremely informative about all of my options. After hearing from her, I feel much more secure in knowing that I am in good hands and have plenty of options that will allow me to take as much time as I need.

So all-in-all, today has been filled with good news and success, on my part, in getting things done. The only thing that worries me is the saying that "good fortune can only last so long". For the last week, it feels like things have been starting to fall into place for us with doctors, work, and insurance; therefore, how long will this last?

Please continue to pray for us. Your support has been amazing throughout all of this. If we have not returned an e-mail, message, comment, phone call or anything else, we are truly sorry. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and we have not had time to get back to each person, but know that we have received it and are grateful for everything.

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