Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby shower blues..

So yesterday was the day we were supposed to be celebrating with family and friends for our baby shower. After the whirlwind of emotions we experienced in the beginning of this journey, we decided to put that event on hold. I know that we made the right decision when doing this, but I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't a bit disappointed yesterday. While doing housework I couldn't help but think.."I should be getting dressed" or catch myself daydreaming of the cutesie baby things we would be oohing  and aah-ing over.  So, to be honest, I was quite a grump yesterday.

Friday we met with the Neonatologist and the coordinator of the Women's Center at Terrebonne General, our local hospital. Dr. Nieves was quite honest with us and I completely appreciated it. Jason and I never mentioned that we were considering delivering at another hospital. We wanted to hear him out and see what he had to say before we told him. Low and behold one of the first things he said after I began my list of questions was that he didn't believe TGMC was the best facility for us. He continued by saying that in an emergency situation that they would do everything they could for us, but being that we are aware of the services we will need, he suggested delivering elsewhere. Now, Jason and I had already pretty much decided on this, but this meeting was scheduled long before we came to that decision so we went anyway. I mean at this point I'm covering all of my grounds. So, if an emergency situation happens and I HAVE to be brought to TGMC, they know me, my situation, and what we want. (I am determined to make it to Ochsner, by the way, so if you see a vehicle driving like a crazy person down the interstate, don't worry it's just me being chauffeured to the hospital! J/J) So now our goal for Tuesday, when I go to my weekly OBGYN appointment, is to start the process of Dr. Robichaux taking over our case and having our delivery moved to Ochsner instead of TGMC. Hopefully this will not be a difficult process.

Friday I was presented with a question that may also help some of you reading this. A fellow teacher mentioned that they have been praying for us, but wanted to know if there was something specific that they should be praying for. The answer to this, is yes. As of right now we are praying that Parker's lungs had a chance to develop. If his lungs are too underdeveloped, putting him on machine assistance will be difficult and possibly even impossible. If his lungs are too underdeveloped, they will appear "transparent" and any machine that could assist him would risk putting air leaks in his lungs. So to those of you who may have been wondering the same thing, we accept any prayers you are willing to give, but his lungs are our first priority right now.

Thanks again to everyone for everything you have been doing for us.

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