Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After some much needed rest...

You will be happy to hear that this weekend I did nothing! And by nothing, I mean that. I spent the entire weekend relaxing. It was actually quite nice to do that after the overwhelming days I had last week.

Yesterday, however, I spent my day traveling through the state. My two adventurers and I left home and went straight to Baton Rouge to pick up the ultrasound DVD from Woman's Hospital. Ironically, after an hour and half in the car, it only took 10 minutes in the hospital to get our goal accomplished. Then we got back on the road and aimed for New Orleans, another hour trip. The nephrology clinic at Children's closes at 4:00 p.m. and we pulled into the parking lot at 3:45. I admit it was a little nerve-racking, but we made it. Dr. Aviles was not in the office, but his nurse assured me that he would get it. Once again I was in the office for 10 minutes tops. We then had an hour drive home. So 3 and half hours total in the car for 20 minutes of office time. It was well worth it for me, though. Ask the two adventurers I drug around and they may not feel the same, but they are amazing! lol Thank you ladies!  I am anxiously awaiting to hear what he has to say about the ultrasound.

Today I had two appointments. The first was with my OBGYN, Dr. Sanders. It was a standard appointment. Once again, my blood pressure was normal, Parker passed his NST with flying colors and I got my last steroid injection. They are not "effective" after 34 weeks. I was actually in and out of his office in less than an hour today. That may be record timing, or I just didn't ask 100 questions like usual.

My second appointment was with Dr. Robichaux. Luckily, he was at TGMC today and I did not have to travel to Ochsner. He did another ultrasound and measured everything. My fluid is still extremely low and Parker's kidneys are still large. Honestly, we knew that wasn't changing, though. What did surprise us was his size. He measured 6 pounds 7 ounces! I immediately started to ask questions about this. I mean geez, if he is already this big he will be huge! Dr. Robichaux admitted that at first he thought it could have been because of his abdomen being enlarged due to his kidneys, but he said that his head and chest are also measuring big. I asked if there were any abnormalities that they saw on the ultrasound that could explain and he said "No, he's proportional. He will just be a big baby. Does anyone in your family have big hats? He may need them." The good news is the bigger he is, the better. He has to be a certain size for dialysis and he is already at that stage. Dr. Robichaux's nurses will call tomorrow to set up an appointment with us at Ochsner in a couple weeks. This meeting will include Dr. Robichaux (who will deliver), Dr. Ginsberg (the neonatologist), and Dr. Cunningham (the pediatric nephrologist). The goal is that we can all discuss the delivery and be on the same page. I am ecstatic about this and he is the one who suggested it. I didn't even have to ask for it! :) We are going to schedule a section as close to my due date as possible and hopefully we can hold out for that long. If we go early, though, we have all the emergency numbers we need to let them know we are on the way.

I will update again as soon as there is something to update about. Thanks for keeping up with us and the continuous prayers! They are much appreciated!

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