Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

So today is my husband's "golden birthday", he's turning 29 on the 29th. We actually discussed the irony of this a few days ago. Most people associate their golden birthday with luck, correct? Well my husband has always had a saying about luck and his life and although I may not get it word for word, I've heard it enough times to get it close. It goes something like this.."If you're looking for bad luck, then just look for me, because bad luck seems to follow me everywhere I go". Now of course, me being me, I've always had something to say about this. First, who really goes around looking for bad luck? Second, your luck isn't that bad, so hush. So of course when we began talking about this the other day and his famous saying came out once again, I didn't say any of it. I only said "I understand".

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. It started off extremely productive. Dr. Sanders' office called first thing in the morning and I feel like that phone call got a lot accomplished. His nurse arranged for us to have a second opinion with a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge. This was a concern we had expressed at our appointment on Tuesday. We do not expect the diagnosis to change, like Jason said "facts are facts". We are hoping to get more detailed answers and maybe even a plan of action. We also discussed having a meeting with the neonatologist. Up until now, we were only told that the NICU team would be in delivery. But going back to my semi-OCD ways, you know I need to hear more than just this. We want to meet the people who will have our son's life in their hands. We need to know what actions will be taken in each situation to make sure he is getting the best care. They need to know us and know what we want. So, within minutes, Dr. Sanders' nurse had an advocate from TGMC call us and she seemed amazing. She is setting up the appointment with Dr. Neavis and also informed us that they have already been prepped about our situation. She explained that at any time if we have questions, concerns, or need anything that we could call her directly. She was extremely sincere in everything she had to say. On top of all of this good news, I called one more doctor. Lindsey, a PKD mom I've been in contact with, suggested that we call the pediatric nephrologist at Children's Hospital in New Orleans. She made a good point by saying that Children's has a NICU, PICU, and transplant team. All things Parker will need if he can get through the first few days. So, I wasted no time. I called and spoke to a nurse and she is presenting our case to the doctor. We haven't heard back from the doctor, yet, but the nurse was optimistic in saying that they have taken cases like mine in the past.

As you can see we have hit the point of determination. We are going to do everything we can to make sure we have the best team of doctors.

Now on to the second half of yesterday. (It's not as good as the first half so don't get too excited!) I spent most of the afternoon in bed feeling absolutely miserable. Around 5 o'clock I finally took my temperature, low and behold 101 pops up on the screen. Well no wonder I feel like an 18 wheeler just hit me! So I take some Tylenol and try to go back to sleep. This proved to be difficult, though, since my phone doesn't stop ringing. Of course, I don't answer, though. (No offense to any of you who called, but you all know that I do not want to talk when I feel like that) I will leave out details to the rest of the day, but lets just say I did my praying to the porcelain gods all afternoon. I should be caught up on those for a while. Last night Jason came in around 7 or 8 and demanded that I eat. I can't blame him, he was worried about nutrients getting to Parker and for good reason. He was nice enough to make me soup and crackers with gatorade and even delivered it to me. He is wonderful!

I am happy to report that I am feeling much better this morning and will actually attempt hard food in just a minute. Dr. Sanders said that the stomach virus is going around pretty badly and that maybe I could have gotten that. He also said that with the things we've been through in the past week that stress could be taking it's toll on me. So we are monitoring things and if it gets bad again we will go in.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying! It seems like our story has spread pretty quickly. There are people that I have never even met who are approaching me with their thoughts and prayers. Please don't stop! We need every last one of them. 

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